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I'm still here.... [06 Mar 2009|09:36am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow well erm, it's literally been years since I last updated. WHat's new?

Still with Nicko, which is good.
Nearly finished uni which is great.
I'm going to work at Disneyland Paris for the third time in September.
I have a cute little dog called Mabel.
I've been to many more gigs since, the best being more Patrick, Lightspeed Champion and Manics.
I feel sad that I shall shortly be leaving London.
I am still vegetarian.
I haven't grown at all, in fact my feet seemed to have shrunk.

That's pretty much it.

Hope all is well.

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Patrick wolf - the man I met [05 Oct 2006|03:38pm]
Well, what a night last night was!!!!!
After arriving at Koko and queueing from 5pm Nick ran in and managed to secure us the prime position, front at the barrier inbetween the mic and the piano. I got us tshirts and managed to scab free posters too while I was there.

Rio en Medio was magical. She has a stunning voice but everyone else was so rude. It was disgusting to see people talking continuosly through her set and telling her to "hurry up". I, however, thoroughly enjoyed her performance.

Then the man himself, Patrick, appeared. Even more beautiful in real life, in his crazy outfit he sat at the piano and began to sing. I could have cried during some of the songs as they were just so beautiful.

He played a magnificent set, including some great new tunes, "magic position, Get lost and bluebells" and also the best of the old ones, "teignmouth" (best song), "pigeon song" and "Tristan". His first encore included "Accident and Emergency" and "A boy like me" and he finished the evening on "Wind in the wires" during his second encore.

So, I was buzzing after the gig and me and Nick raced outside to see if we could meet him. However Nicholas had to go and get his train but I decided to wait.

First I had a little chat with his violinist, beautiful lady, who said she would pass on my gold glittery hairband to Patrick. Then out cam the support and I apologised for all of the losers in England and told her what a beautiful voice she had. By now it was 11.45pm and I was considering giving up until............

Out came Patrick Wolf!!!!! I legged it up to him and started abbling on. I asked him to sign mine and Nick's tickets, which he did, and I also got a picture taken with him! We were laughing at our height difference, as he's 6ft 4 and I'm 4ft11 but then he gave me a hug!!!!!! It was unbelievable. I can't believe I met him. I was numb as I walked awy.

I can quite happily say that that was the best night of my life and his picture and ticket shall soon be framed on my wall.
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Come and sit beside me [01 Oct 2005|08:33am]
Well busy week.
Have had loads of House Music rehearsals at break and lunch (coz I'm doing orchestra, senior choir and finale and helping out with junior choir) so I haven't see Nicholas as much as I would've liked to.
Tuesday after school I met up with Stuart in town and we had a good chat, it was really nice. I really miss those guys, I'll never find better friends. Am planning on popping round to Matt's later today, need a hug from him. After that I went to the school social. Got bladdered but oly spent £7.50. Had a bottle of wine at home before, Tom bought me two drinks, Jonny bought me one so then I only had to buy three myself. The power of being a girl ^_^.

Went to Nick's after school on Thursday, first time I'd properly seen him since the previous weekend, so we started watching High Fidelity (thanks for lending it Stu). Watched random tv, played guitar etc.

Had a shit day yesterday. My 5 person theatre group had a go at me. One girl decided she wanted to change our devised piece completely (we have a month until it's performed) and then when I said that I couldn't do after school rehearsals due to other MORE IMPORTANT commitments started off on one. Bitches. I hate spoilt girls. Went straight to work after with a splitting headache which didn't go, but Daddy bought me take-away to cheer me up, so much for my diet ¬_¬.

Anyway, must get ready for work, got to be there soon.
Hope all is ok
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going friends only [28 Sep 2004|07:14am]
[ mood | amused ]

Am going friends only, don't want jerks like Steve reading this and sticking their noses in. I'll add those who I want to and just leave a comment if you wanna be added.

So! yesterday was ok. School was eugh, I can't do the bloody lessons. Saw Nicholas ^_^
Went to modern and tap last night, new classes.
Twas very scary. The girls in my modern class seem like slappers, and there is this one really big headed girl =/ I felt so intimidated, am not sure if I will continue.
Tap = well I was expecting another beginner's adult class when they told me it was Intermediate o_0
I was expected to follow behind, which was impossible! Turns out, though, that one of the routines we did in the adult class was from intermediat so we did that one, I knew it! I think I will enjoy this tap because it's more challenging.
Canny wait till thursday <3
Penny rang me and she's taking me for a meal on Friday, no ones taken me for a meal before! She's driving me there too =D Can't wait, got so much to gossip about!
Well, off to school.
hehehe, Nicko read my comments from the "blehry day" update, funy message for you from steve.
Ah what a twat =P

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Serenading her with their misery [26 Sep 2004|12:50pm]
[ mood | ok ]

day was a bit blehry yesterday.
work, as I said, was ok but town was pants.
got home and my mum and dad didn't belive my "I've eaten chips in town" story so I had to eat a hotdog and I felt so sick afterwards.
Nicko wasn't allowed over
Went to get a video and popcorn for me and Laura (Joan) but got a text saying she wasn't sure if she was coming.
Got home and rang her and she came over
Gave hugs and made popcorn
We watched "Song for a raggy boy". oh my goodness. amazing film but I was in tears. It was horrible. It was about this catholic boys school, they were beaten and raped and stuff. It was horrible.
Had a chat about birth with my mom o_0 twas...interesting.
After some interesting radiohead facts we went to sleep.
oooh! Steve rang me, twas so funny
He rang me and said something like:
>"hi, just wanted to let you know I'm mad at you coz you said to Spanner that you can't hang round with him coz he's a different social class to you so we can't hang out either."
To which I replied:
>"huh? *laugh* why would I say that? we never hang out anyway. Grow up, stop being so immature"
Then he hung up on me saying:
>"You've turned into a Kings bitch, you whore. fuck off and die"
hehehe, twas amusing. how immature.
This morning we watched Radiohead - 7 television commercials.
played along to Karma Police ^_^
After Laura went I played on the guitar for ages, my fingers hurt now =(
Have so much homework to do toda, but am hopefully going to get a new pone with my Daddy
Not looking forward to school tomorrow, cept for one fact. 6 lessons with a certain someone *sighs* =)

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Rows of houses [25 Sep 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Went to work today, morning was incredibly boring.
Lunchtime I got blackmailed into eating a cheese sandwich, which made me feel sick coz I wasn't hungry.
Got my hair cut this afternoon, made me feel nicer. Only had a trim and redid my layers but it feels so soft at the moment.
Went to town on my own. Saw Loz and Ben, who let me use his phone *hugs ben* i <3 him and Loz
Then Nicko rang me for ages
Went to H&M and bought some earrings, cheered me up a leetle bit and then I had to get the bus home.
Laura is staying over tonight, hope I cheer up else I'll make crap company
Am hopefully getting popcorn and a video too
Homework tomorrow, how fun
hmmmm, am missing a certain someone.
My paretns didn't believe me when I said I'd eaten in town so they are cooking me food ¬_¬
hope I vomit, it'll serve em right.

I hope that you choke

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[24 Sep 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | down ]

Not a very nice day today
lessons were boring
sat and did work in my frees, so I felt like a spoil sport as everyone was having fun cept me
End of the day sucked, I need to keep my mouth shut more often
Work was shite, wasn't in the mood for gobby little kids hanging to my legs
came home and got told off for being on the phone for 25mins, how else can I contact my friends?!
Am also getting told off for not eating, I'm simply not hungry but they keep trying to force feed me
Can't wash my hair coz the shower has broken, great. ¬_¬
Am tidying my room for when Laura stays over tomorrow and if in case Nicko comes over.
Then I'll sleep again, have already had a nap.
Sleep stops me from thinking, which at the moment is good.

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dirty bathwater [23 Sep 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

School was uneventful today
lunchtime was nice
after school i went to mcdonald's with loadsa people (Sarah, Rach, Nush, Libby and people I didn't know) and had a mcflurry *rubs belly* yum.
Had funny discussions on Aisha's sexuality *giggles*
Had ballet this evening, was ok. got complimented on my rond de jambe en l'air, which was a surprise as it's horrible to do.
Then came home and got a surprise visit from Matt and Dan (two yr 11 guys from JH)
twas great to see em, <3 em loads!
Off to finish learning my theatre speech for tomorrow now and beddy byes.

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Richey!!! [22 Sep 2004|10:30pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Am sleeeeepy!
Didn't see Nicko much today so wasn't particularly good
Did Table tennis as my activity today, beat Tom, Mark and Tidy!!! ^_^
Saw Luc (collegue) and got a taxi to work with him so I was on time
Work was good, although I had a headache =(
Just got in from salsa, twas great!
Me and Shelley (my boss) did the intermediate class, twas quite easy me thought =P
I think I pulled...o_0 this scary guy kept grabbing my waist and saying I had nice hips. He called me his poppyseed and said I had to dance with him at the end, so me and Shelly ran away!
Danced with "Richey" loads, he winked at me when I was going! He looks like him, it's so weird. I also think a guy from the bill is there, he looks exactly the same, I mean exactly.
Had fun anywhoos, can't wait till next week! hahaha, and Shelly got told off for "flirting"!!
I need to sleep now, am sooooo tired.
Ooooh Nicko, Shelly booked the tickets so she's taking us. Check if it's ok with your parents, any trouble and my Mum said they can ring here.

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sorrow 16 [22 Sep 2004|07:19am]
Boring day yesterday
Curled my hair though which made me feel nice, till it all fell out =(
Had French and I think Miss Calabrese likes me coz I did well in the test, at least one teacher does! Hamard on the other hand, I'm shy in her lessons and she always scowls at me
English with Faupel, had to read the story again, which made me think of Steph, specially on the BREASTS part.
Theatre was amazing. Best lesson I've had. We had our characters and had an improvisation all lesson. It was about a terrorist attack and it was difficult but good.
Saw Nicko <3 w00t Kiss!
Popped to town with Loz after, had a chat with the nice lady in WHSmith about her ipod.
Then I bussed it home and quickly did some homework and ate tea and went to ballet.
I'm really worried that she will make my role really simple and not show off my experience, as Emily (this amazing 11yrold) is the white rabbit and I think Mrs Garfield wants her to be the star.
Had the evening thing at Kings. Twas a loada shite. Pointless. And my Dad kept being silly during the talk and making me laugh
Saw Nicko but I felt so rude coz I didn't say hi to his parents. They must think I'm so rude.
Got home and had to do loadsa homework. Finished it though, washed my hair and went to sleep.
Work till 8 today, then salsa!!!
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crawling on all fours [20 Sep 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | bored, lalala ]

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she's changed [20 Sep 2004|06:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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Am missing people loads at the moment =(
i reeeeeally miss Laura and Matt, tis weird not seeing em as I was seeing em so much

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stolen from maximum_volume [20 Sep 2004|05:33pm]
[ mood | meh homewrk ]

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forever delayed [19 Sep 2004|09:45pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

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Now it's happening in mine [19 Sep 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | looking forward to tomorrow ]

Today...rang Matt but couldn't see him coz he's ill *hugs and wraps in a blanket* hope he's better soon
Done homework, learnt my vocab for a stupid french test tomorrow ¬_¬
Watched a Smiths to Morrissey thing, I like some stuff off one of Morrissey's albums, may buy it when I have more money
My little cousin, Euan, rang me today which cheered me up. Bless he's so cute! First thing he asked me was do I have a boyfriend, sorry Nicko but I had to say he was my boyfriend else he gets upset =P
Spoke to Tasha who's 2 aswell, cheeky madam she is!
Argued with my sister and Dad a lot today, oh they make me feel so loved...
School tomorrow, can't wait to see people! One in particular..
Am looking forward to sleeping tonight, as my Mummy got me a new quilt and fluffy pillows, will be so warm! *snuggles*
I've been cold all day, dunno why.
Have decided not to have take-aways anymore cept for special occassions, wonder how long it'll last!
*drinks wineage*
More homework me thinks now, ciao xxx

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L_O_V_E [19 Sep 2004|10:17am]
[ mood | upset ]

Bad night last night
Rang Matt loads but the ohone was always engaged =/
Then it was great, I was watching 100 greatest anthems on VH2 and all of the songs were amazing (Radiohead, The Smiths, The Jam, Manics etc) and my Dad made me leave on number 44 so I missed the rest =(
Came on here for a while, then my dad shouted at me saying I shouldn't be on so long if I'm not on msn.
Went to bed feeling slightly tipsy and was woken up by my parent's arguing. Hate it when they do it, they hardly ever do so it's bad when they do. Dad went off, I cried then fell back to sleep. Had a nice dream though. My lovely was in it =D
Today I may go to town with my sister, some bonding time me thinks.
Then homework and sleep, I look terrible - argh the bags under my eyes!

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oooh [18 Sep 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Am slightly tipsy =P
my parents have kicked me away from the tv =( was watching a great thing on VH2, amazing music <3
Lonliness =(
love you Joan <3

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Up all Night [18 Sep 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Tiring day at work today, and am covered in hair =(
Got some tips <3
Talked to Shelley bout Manics gig, she wants tickets for her and her hubby, which means if they get em we can get a lift with them! no parents Nicko!
Missing my lovely so bought a cd in town after work, Razorlight
saw Mark *hugs* ^_^
Am gonna ring Matt tonight, seeif he wants to see me, have missed him <3
Homework tomorrow =(
Dunno where my family are, they're gone o_0
*drinks tea* ah well, means net and a cuppa for me, as well as singing reeeealy loud!

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Isn't it madness [17 Sep 2004|08:21pm]
[ mood | yearning ]

Well...am aching after ballet last night, and I fell over during fouettes =( hurt my bum =P
Today was boring.
Double french wiht a test, ¬_¬, then a free and chemistry. Saw Nicko though so it made it worthwhile
Then onto speech day! had to sit on the stage, was on the front in the middle =(
Sat with Nicko and Liz though =)
Was a bitch and ranted on the way back, I'm so sorry
Then I had work. Turns out there is now another class on a friday, so I don't finish till seven, tiredness!
Have eaten sausage, egg and peas tonight, twas yummy!
Twill be a boring weekend, nothing to look forward too, only monday...

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[16 Sep 2004|09:42pm]

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