The Bachelor (cheese_fondu) wrote,
The Bachelor

Come and sit beside me

Well busy week.
Have had loads of House Music rehearsals at break and lunch (coz I'm doing orchestra, senior choir and finale and helping out with junior choir) so I haven't see Nicholas as much as I would've liked to.
Tuesday after school I met up with Stuart in town and we had a good chat, it was really nice. I really miss those guys, I'll never find better friends. Am planning on popping round to Matt's later today, need a hug from him. After that I went to the school social. Got bladdered but oly spent £7.50. Had a bottle of wine at home before, Tom bought me two drinks, Jonny bought me one so then I only had to buy three myself. The power of being a girl ^_^.

Went to Nick's after school on Thursday, first time I'd properly seen him since the previous weekend, so we started watching High Fidelity (thanks for lending it Stu). Watched random tv, played guitar etc.

Had a shit day yesterday. My 5 person theatre group had a go at me. One girl decided she wanted to change our devised piece completely (we have a month until it's performed) and then when I said that I couldn't do after school rehearsals due to other MORE IMPORTANT commitments started off on one. Bitches. I hate spoilt girls. Went straight to work after with a splitting headache which didn't go, but Daddy bought me take-away to cheer me up, so much for my diet ¬_¬.

Anyway, must get ready for work, got to be there soon.
Hope all is ok
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