The Bachelor (cheese_fondu) wrote,
The Bachelor

Patrick wolf - the man I met

Well, what a night last night was!!!!!
After arriving at Koko and queueing from 5pm Nick ran in and managed to secure us the prime position, front at the barrier inbetween the mic and the piano. I got us tshirts and managed to scab free posters too while I was there.

Rio en Medio was magical. She has a stunning voice but everyone else was so rude. It was disgusting to see people talking continuosly through her set and telling her to "hurry up". I, however, thoroughly enjoyed her performance.

Then the man himself, Patrick, appeared. Even more beautiful in real life, in his crazy outfit he sat at the piano and began to sing. I could have cried during some of the songs as they were just so beautiful.

He played a magnificent set, including some great new tunes, "magic position, Get lost and bluebells" and also the best of the old ones, "teignmouth" (best song), "pigeon song" and "Tristan". His first encore included "Accident and Emergency" and "A boy like me" and he finished the evening on "Wind in the wires" during his second encore.

So, I was buzzing after the gig and me and Nick raced outside to see if we could meet him. However Nicholas had to go and get his train but I decided to wait.

First I had a little chat with his violinist, beautiful lady, who said she would pass on my gold glittery hairband to Patrick. Then out cam the support and I apologised for all of the losers in England and told her what a beautiful voice she had. By now it was 11.45pm and I was considering giving up until............

Out came Patrick Wolf!!!!! I legged it up to him and started abbling on. I asked him to sign mine and Nick's tickets, which he did, and I also got a picture taken with him! We were laughing at our height difference, as he's 6ft 4 and I'm 4ft11 but then he gave me a hug!!!!!! It was unbelievable. I can't believe I met him. I was numb as I walked awy.

I can quite happily say that that was the best night of my life and his picture and ticket shall soon be framed on my wall.
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