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Bad night last night
Rang Matt loads but the ohone was always engaged =/
Then it was great, I was watching 100 greatest anthems on VH2 and all of the songs were amazing (Radiohead, The Smiths, The Jam, Manics etc) and my Dad made me leave on number 44 so I missed the rest =(
Came on here for a while, then my dad shouted at me saying I shouldn't be on so long if I'm not on msn.
Went to bed feeling slightly tipsy and was woken up by my parent's arguing. Hate it when they do it, they hardly ever do so it's bad when they do. Dad went off, I cried then fell back to sleep. Had a nice dream though. My lovely was in it =D
Today I may go to town with my sister, some bonding time me thinks.
Then homework and sleep, I look terrible - argh the bags under my eyes!
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