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Now it's happening in mine

Today...rang Matt but couldn't see him coz he's ill *hugs and wraps in a blanket* hope he's better soon
Done homework, learnt my vocab for a stupid french test tomorrow ¬_¬
Watched a Smiths to Morrissey thing, I like some stuff off one of Morrissey's albums, may buy it when I have more money
My little cousin, Euan, rang me today which cheered me up. Bless he's so cute! First thing he asked me was do I have a boyfriend, sorry Nicko but I had to say he was my boyfriend else he gets upset =P
Spoke to Tasha who's 2 aswell, cheeky madam she is!
Argued with my sister and Dad a lot today, oh they make me feel so loved...
School tomorrow, can't wait to see people! One in particular..
Am looking forward to sleeping tonight, as my Mummy got me a new quilt and fluffy pillows, will be so warm! *snuggles*
I've been cold all day, dunno why.
Have decided not to have take-aways anymore cept for special occassions, wonder how long it'll last!
*drinks wineage*
More homework me thinks now, ciao xxx
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