The Bachelor (cheese_fondu) wrote,
The Bachelor

sorrow 16

Boring day yesterday
Curled my hair though which made me feel nice, till it all fell out =(
Had French and I think Miss Calabrese likes me coz I did well in the test, at least one teacher does! Hamard on the other hand, I'm shy in her lessons and she always scowls at me
English with Faupel, had to read the story again, which made me think of Steph, specially on the BREASTS part.
Theatre was amazing. Best lesson I've had. We had our characters and had an improvisation all lesson. It was about a terrorist attack and it was difficult but good.
Saw Nicko <3 w00t Kiss!
Popped to town with Loz after, had a chat with the nice lady in WHSmith about her ipod.
Then I bussed it home and quickly did some homework and ate tea and went to ballet.
I'm really worried that she will make my role really simple and not show off my experience, as Emily (this amazing 11yrold) is the white rabbit and I think Mrs Garfield wants her to be the star.
Had the evening thing at Kings. Twas a loada shite. Pointless. And my Dad kept being silly during the talk and making me laugh
Saw Nicko but I felt so rude coz I didn't say hi to his parents. They must think I'm so rude.
Got home and had to do loadsa homework. Finished it though, washed my hair and went to sleep.
Work till 8 today, then salsa!!!
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