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Am sleeeeepy!
Didn't see Nicko much today so wasn't particularly good
Did Table tennis as my activity today, beat Tom, Mark and Tidy!!! ^_^
Saw Luc (collegue) and got a taxi to work with him so I was on time
Work was good, although I had a headache =(
Just got in from salsa, twas great!
Me and Shelley (my boss) did the intermediate class, twas quite easy me thought =P
I think I pulled...o_0 this scary guy kept grabbing my waist and saying I had nice hips. He called me his poppyseed and said I had to dance with him at the end, so me and Shelly ran away!
Danced with "Richey" loads, he winked at me when I was going! He looks like him, it's so weird. I also think a guy from the bill is there, he looks exactly the same, I mean exactly.
Had fun anywhoos, can't wait till next week! hahaha, and Shelly got told off for "flirting"!!
I need to sleep now, am sooooo tired.
Ooooh Nicko, Shelly booked the tickets so she's taking us. Check if it's ok with your parents, any trouble and my Mum said they can ring here.
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