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Rows of houses

Went to work today, morning was incredibly boring.
Lunchtime I got blackmailed into eating a cheese sandwich, which made me feel sick coz I wasn't hungry.
Got my hair cut this afternoon, made me feel nicer. Only had a trim and redid my layers but it feels so soft at the moment.
Went to town on my own. Saw Loz and Ben, who let me use his phone *hugs ben* i <3 him and Loz
Then Nicko rang me for ages
Went to H&M and bought some earrings, cheered me up a leetle bit and then I had to get the bus home.
Laura is staying over tonight, hope I cheer up else I'll make crap company
Am hopefully getting popcorn and a video too
Homework tomorrow, how fun
hmmmm, am missing a certain someone.
My paretns didn't believe me when I said I'd eaten in town so they are cooking me food ¬_¬
hope I vomit, it'll serve em right.

I hope that you choke
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