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going friends only

Am going friends only, don't want jerks like Steve reading this and sticking their noses in. I'll add those who I want to and just leave a comment if you wanna be added.

So! yesterday was ok. School was eugh, I can't do the bloody lessons. Saw Nicholas ^_^
Went to modern and tap last night, new classes.
Twas very scary. The girls in my modern class seem like slappers, and there is this one really big headed girl =/ I felt so intimidated, am not sure if I will continue.
Tap = well I was expecting another beginner's adult class when they told me it was Intermediate o_0
I was expected to follow behind, which was impossible! Turns out, though, that one of the routines we did in the adult class was from intermediat so we did that one, I knew it! I think I will enjoy this tap because it's more challenging.
Canny wait till thursday <3
Penny rang me and she's taking me for a meal on Friday, no ones taken me for a meal before! She's driving me there too =D Can't wait, got so much to gossip about!
Well, off to school.
hehehe, Nicko read my comments from the "blehry day" update, funy message for you from steve.
Ah what a twat =P
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