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Serenading her with their misery

day was a bit blehry yesterday.
work, as I said, was ok but town was pants.
got home and my mum and dad didn't belive my "I've eaten chips in town" story so I had to eat a hotdog and I felt so sick afterwards.
Nicko wasn't allowed over
Went to get a video and popcorn for me and Laura (Joan) but got a text saying she wasn't sure if she was coming.
Got home and rang her and she came over
Gave hugs and made popcorn
We watched "Song for a raggy boy". oh my goodness. amazing film but I was in tears. It was horrible. It was about this catholic boys school, they were beaten and raped and stuff. It was horrible.
Had a chat about birth with my mom o_0 twas...interesting.
After some interesting radiohead facts we went to sleep.
oooh! Steve rang me, twas so funny
He rang me and said something like:
>"hi, just wanted to let you know I'm mad at you coz you said to Spanner that you can't hang round with him coz he's a different social class to you so we can't hang out either."
To which I replied:
>"huh? *laugh* why would I say that? we never hang out anyway. Grow up, stop being so immature"
Then he hung up on me saying:
>"You've turned into a Kings bitch, you whore. fuck off and die"
hehehe, twas amusing. how immature.
This morning we watched Radiohead - 7 television commercials.
played along to Karma Police ^_^
After Laura went I played on the guitar for ages, my fingers hurt now =(
Have so much homework to do toda, but am hopefully going to get a new pone with my Daddy
Not looking forward to school tomorrow, cept for one fact. 6 lessons with a certain someone *sighs* =)
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Showing his age again :P
am justseeing if this is working.
did you receive this?
reply to your wonduuuurful gf if so =D

No I didn't recieve it.

:P (fifth time I've used that this evening)
i didn't receive ours either. must be LJ pooing up then
How long is your english?
is that certain someone me!?

*looks at timetable*

no...apparantly not =P
awwww, but I a looking forward to chemistry with you!
and mrs brew!!

I didn't mention anything about Kings,

I said "Fuck you, you stuck up fucking whore, You've changed, I don't like it, Fuck it, I'm out, Peace."

By the way, Yes you did say that shit about Spanner, You told Chris you did, He told me. Spanner told me you said it, And why would he lie?

Man, I'm not the immature one, You are.

Now go slit your wrists again, This time hopefully it'll work and i'll see you in the obituaries.

Fucking Midget - Oh, and Nicko if you read this shit, I hear you wanna have a rumble with me - If you ain't talking shit, then hells yeah i'm up for it. Time/Place i'm there.
ecxuse me?! I asked Chris yesteday about it all and he said that you asked him if I'd said it to him and he said NO. So you are fucking maing shit up you loser
go and get a life and stop bothering mine.

Oh and Nicko wouldn't waste his time with you
Oh well from what was just said...

[·۰•●Zyk0tiK●•۰·] I have eaten your fish and your crispy baked chips. says:
also, you said poppy said that shit to spanner.
- A devil among the tailors says:
What shit?
[·۰•●Zyk0tiK●•۰·] I have eaten your fish and your crispy baked chips. says:
"omg i am faggot and in different social group spanner, so you cant hang around with me, omg fuck me in the ass nicko"
- A devil among the tailors says:
[·۰•●Zyk0tiK●•۰·] I have eaten your fish and your crispy baked chips. says:
did she not?
- A devil among the tailors says:
spanner said poppy said that shit to him

I'd say you're lying.

Further proof ladies and gentlemen that poppy is a stuck up bitch.

Oh and Nicko - I didn't start no fight... I was just merely commenting on what the grapevine tells me, and it told me you was asking for a fight. I personally have nothing against you, just your bite-size girlfriend.

Next time check the grapevine isn't rotten.

In all cases I think you should just stop bothering Poppy- she doesn't go out of her way to make life a chore for you does she?
And at any rate, this whole things smacks of "can't hang out with people my own age so I have to annoy people younger than me".

So the best thing for you to do here is to FORGET and MOVE ON.
I'm not a stuck up bitch thank you
Spanner obviously made it up as if you knew me like you say you did then you would know I would never say that.
get a life steve and mature a little while you are there

Everybody just caaalm down, me thinks this is all a big misunderstanding. Poppy isn't the sort of person to get all high and mighty about 'social classes'.
I reckon she probably said something along the lines of "I dont hang around with Spanner much because were in different social groups"
Which has a completely different meaning.

Where exactly did you hear this?

I'm of the opinion that "those who can't think, fight", so I'm hardly likely to say that I want to go and fight a 19 year old am I.

Yet more proof of an overactive imagination methinks...
Nah spanner told me she did.. or something like that. she didnt tell me she did