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Serenading her with their misery

day was a bit blehry yesterday.
work, as I said, was ok but town was pants.
got home and my mum and dad didn't belive my "I've eaten chips in town" story so I had to eat a hotdog and I felt so sick afterwards.
Nicko wasn't allowed over
Went to get a video and popcorn for me and Laura (Joan) but got a text saying she wasn't sure if she was coming.
Got home and rang her and she came over
Gave hugs and made popcorn
We watched "Song for a raggy boy". oh my goodness. amazing film but I was in tears. It was horrible. It was about this catholic boys school, they were beaten and raped and stuff. It was horrible.
Had a chat about birth with my mom o_0 twas...interesting.
After some interesting radiohead facts we went to sleep.
oooh! Steve rang me, twas so funny
He rang me and said something like:
>"hi, just wanted to let you know I'm mad at you coz you said to Spanner that you can't hang round with him coz he's a different social class to you so we can't hang out either."
To which I replied:
>"huh? *laugh* why would I say that? we never hang out anyway. Grow up, stop being so immature"
Then he hung up on me saying:
>"You've turned into a Kings bitch, you whore. fuck off and die"
hehehe, twas amusing. how immature.
This morning we watched Radiohead - 7 television commercials.
played along to Karma Police ^_^
After Laura went I played on the guitar for ages, my fingers hurt now =(
Have so much homework to do toda, but am hopefully going to get a new pone with my Daddy
Not looking forward to school tomorrow, cept for one fact. 6 lessons with a certain someone *sighs* =)
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